Author Spotlight: Jorge Tetl Argueta and his library of dreams

We talked to poet and children’s book author, Jorge Tetl Argueta, about why he writes for children and his passion for promoting literacy. Argueta’s poems give us a glimpse of communities that are often misrepresented, erased, and dehumanized in U.S. American literature. His books, which center mostly around his homeland of El Salvador, offer a beautiful counter-narrative meant to build a positive self-image and empathy for our growing immigrant communities.

Jorge Tetl Argueta


You’ll hear about Argueta’s project, Biblioteca de Los Sueños/Library of Dreams, a safe space for children to read and dream in El Salvador. If you wish to contribute, visit its GoFundMe campaign.

Also, check out the Entre Dos Goodreads collection to see a list of Argueta’s works.


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