Conversations & Storytelling: A Resource Guide for Bilingual Kids

Here at Entre Dos, we’re always thinking of new ways to get our kids to speak the target language. Lately, we’ve been looking for resources that can be categorized as “conversation starters” or materials that can help us go beyond the quotidian exchanges of everyday life and even get a little creative with storytelling. Go to our latest episode to hear about what we use to get this done and, if you want a more detailed list of resources, take a look:

Wonder Ponder Books

Yo, Persona by Ellen Duthie

This book series invites children to think. Ellen Duthie builds an exciting world where anything is possible and there are no right or wrong answers. The illustrations and conversation starting questions are a great way to encourage critical thinking.

Books without words

Nuestra Casa: Una Historia en Dibujos

There are a wide array of illustrated wordless books but this series by Pequeñológuez is one of our favorites. The illustrations are richly detailed and invite you to get lost in them. Monika ordered her copy on Amazon España.

Informational books

De la Cabeza a los Pies: Mi Libro del Cuerpo | OKIDO

From poop to scabs to nutrition and our respiratory system, De la Cabeza a los Pies: Mi Libro del Cuerpo is a veritable encyclopedia of how our body works. The playful, not realistic, illustrations are great for the pre-school crowd and it may even help with potty training (it worked with Monika’s daughter!) Amazon sometimes has this book available.

Teatrinos (puppet theaters)

Teatrino | Hojas Colombia

Paula’s daughter loves making up her own shows with her puppet theater. Unfortunately, her version was a gift from Colombia, but you can make your own with this great tutorial from Maguared (in Spanish) or this tutorial in English. Melissa & Doug also makes a tabletop puppet theater.

Story cards

eeBoo Create a Story Cards: Volcano Island

Make up a story using story cards as prompts. These eeBoo Create a Story Cards come in decks with different themes – from princesses to forest mysteries to volcano island (pictured) – that will get your kiddos making up imaginative stories, hopefully in your target language. Barefoot Books has similar decks.

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