What Kind of Spanish Do You Speak? The U.S. as a Spanish-Speaking Country

Have you ever thought of the U.S. as a Spanish-speaking country? Our guest, Emily Hunsberger, a bilingual communications professional, mom of bilingual kids, and host of Tertulia Podcast, does. In today’s episode, she spoke to us about embracing and changing the perception of Spanish spoken in the U.S. – the Spanish that our children are growing up with.

Emily Hunsberger

Our conversation with Emily is a follow-up to our previous episode What Kind of Spanish Do You Speak? Language and Social Perceptions with guest Salvatore Callesano.

We also spoke to Emily – en español – for her podcast. Make sure you listen to the episode, Los Guardianes Invisibles del Idioma, over at Tertulia Podcast.

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