What We Love: En la Radio by Nathalia

Joanne Leung Photography

Not too long ago, LA-based singer/songwriter Nathalia shared with us her upcoming bilingual album: En La Radio. While we typically don’t write reviews on the blog, we had to tell you about this album, because we loved it that much.

Nathalia is a Colombian singer/songwriter, music therapist and early childhood music educator who has produced four albums for children. Her newest one, En La Radio, has 10 original songs in English and Spanish spanning a variety of music styles from the US and Latin America.

“It doesn’t sound like kids music,” Paula’s husband said when she played it. He meant it as a compliment. Play the album and chances are you’ll be as hooked as your kids. 

The song Luna Lunera, with its Colombian cumbia sounds, instantly became one of Paula’s favorites. Paula’s, not Emilia’s.

Emilia favored a beautiful song called Emi y el Pulpo, which tells the story about a friendship between a little boy named Emiliano and an octopus. We loved the song and its lyrics.

Emilio tiene al mejor de los amigos,
con ocho brazos que lo puedan abrazar
Tres corazones para su amor triplicar,
poderes mágicos de invisibilidad 
Amigos de la tierra y el mar,
nada los puede separar 

Nathalia Palis-McLaughlin, Emi y el Pulpo, En La Radio

Another favorite is Amor, Amor, a song about the many ways we show love and care for others. A surprise appearance (we won’t ruin it) captivated Emilia, who had many questions about the person singing with Nathalia at the end.

The other songs in the album touch on topics that will resonate with children – think routines, the seasons, and LEGOs (LEGO, Let’s Go is inspired by Nathalia’s son’s love for the colorful bricks) – but it’s Nathalia’s voice, songwriting and diversity of musical styles and genres that makes En La Radio an album the whole family will love to listen to.

En La Radio comes out tomorrow, Friday, May 31 and it’s available for pre-order it on iTunes now. One lucky Entre Dos listener can win a copy by entering our giveaway on Instagram. Head on over to @entredospodcast and enter for your chance to win!